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Below is an update on a number of conference attendances by Aidan Melia to discuss and share information on the INDICATE project. 

In May, Aidan attended the All Energy Show in Glasgow ( The INDICATE Project was provided with a 20 minute speaking slot in the category for Sustainable and Smart Cities. In this, an overview was provided about work that was ongoing in Dundalk as part of the INDICATE project. 

In April, Aidan spoke on behalf of a number of projects at another clustering event hosted by the European Commission in Brussels. The purpose of this was to jointly show off objectives, targets and impacts for a total of 8 projects which included INDICATE, EU-GUGGLE, R2CITIES, URB-Grade, ZenN, CITyFiED, EFFESUS, and SINFONIA. For more information, please visit: 

Lastly, in January Aidan attended an event organised by the EEBERS project ( and hosted by Fraunhofer in Munich. The mission of EEBERS is to identify opportunities for synergies in ICT related energy efficient buildings projects and to engage stakeholders in networking for future research and exploitation of results. The project is mapping eighty nine projects grouped in five clusters and seventeen sub-clusters developed from the REEB project. The five clusters include: Tools for energy efficient design and production management, Intelligent and integrated control, User awareness and decision support, Integration technologies, Energy management and trading.  At this event, an overview was provided about the INDICATE project to other project coordinators, and this was followed afterwards by a moderated work shop on future technologies.  For more information, please visit:


BIM for Italian Public Employers – Galliera Genoa Hospital example, an article by INDICATE’s Elisa Spallarossa has been recently published in Solibri Journal.  In this piece Elisa discusses the use of BIM in the Galliera Hospital redevelopment and also outlines how this BIM model is being used to test and validate the INDICATE tool. 

See Downloads section for article.  Alternatively, click here for the full edition of the journal.   

The INDICATE project  is featured in the Irish Planning Institute Guide - Planning, Climate Change and Energy in Ireland.  See Downloads section for article.  Alternatively, the full guide can be found here.  



This project is supported by  the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme
Grant Agreement no. 608775