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The INDICATE project has been included in the programs of two up-coming conferences.  

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INDICATE Partners held two meetings in the first half of February, to discuss project progress and to engage stakeholders in the early stages of the project.  The first meeting was held in Genoa, in Italy, on February 6-7, 2014.  The setting for this first  meeting was the Galliera Hospital, which is one of the three pilot sites for the INDICATE project. The second, was at Dundalk  Town Council, in Dundalk, Ireland, where remaining two pilot sites for the INDICATE project are based.

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The INDICATE project kicked off with a very successful meeting in Glasgow in early October 2013 where all eight partners met over two days to discuss the project and ensure that all members of the consortium were fully acquainted. All work pages were discussed in depth along with project management issues such as management structure, governing bodies and decision-making, administrative and reporting issues, and financial and reviewing procedures. Beyond these project specific issues, the importance of this project in terms of urban energy and climate change was fully recognised and all partners left the meeting with a sense of invigoration and purpose.


This project is supported by  the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme
Grant Agreement no. 608775