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In addition to the IES workshop and presentation as outlined in the previous news item, FAC also hosted the INDICATE project and project information at their stand. See for more details.

Having the second INDICATE dissemination workshop at the 11th Biennial of Towns and Town Planners to Dublin provided the opportunity to reach out to a much larger audience, and ensure a broader depth of coverage for the project. The conference itself was hosted by the European Council of Town Planners and the Irish Planning Institute and called “Making Cities Work – Technology in Planning Practise”. This conference is organised as a biennial which takes place every two years in different European cities. The conference took place in Dublin Castle, and was held on October 15th and 16th 2015 (see

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Ospedali Galliera and D’Appolonia presented the INDICATE project during the Festival della Scienza which was held in Genoa in October 2015. (See  The Festival della Scienza, which takes place in Genoa, Italy, aims to popularize science and provide an opportunity to meet researchers and enthusiasts. The festival also attracts families and schools and has b

ecome one of the biggest events of dissemination of scientific culture internationally.

An occasion for all: Meetings, workshops, shows and conferences are used to explain and communicate science in an innovative and engaging manner through many interactive events.

A new paradigm: Every year the festival presents topical issues and events inspired by the burning issues of the scientific debate. World premieres of shows and exhibitions are dedicated to the encounter between art and science, with an emphasis on news of the most advanced research and researchers from developing countries.

A global event: Closely linked to the city of Genoa and the Liguria region, the Festival is an international event where major national and international guests come together as part of a festival dedicated to science and create lasting partnerships with personalities and institutions all over the world.

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