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In this section you will find various documents, links and videos, and other files relating to this project. Keep an eye on this section as files will be regularly uploaded as the project progresses. Please refer to the Contacts section should you need to contact us regarding an specific information. 


Tutorial Videos

INDICATE-Instructional Video 06 – Demonstrates how to carry out a simulation with the INDICATE tool and explains how both benchmark data and simulation data is used.


INDICATE-Instructional Video 05 – Discusses the Common City Index and the 30 indicators (8 Carbon Reduction, 14 Energy Efficiency, and 8 Cost Reduction) at the heart of the INDICATE tool. It shows how users can select specific indicators that are most relevant to the project at hand.


INDICATE-Instructional Video 04 – Explains how to copy elements, such as building or collection of buildings, into a new scene within INDICATE. This allows the user to focus on these elements, by turning off any adjacent objects, and investigating or modifying the objects as part of an energy analysis exercise.


INDICATE-Instructional Video 03 – Looks at the INDICATE dashboard and how to configure the dashboard to suit a particular project or specific needs.


INDICATE-Instructional Video 02 – Looks at the Inspector function and outlines how to use this function to examine various characteristics of a selected building including energy usage, building use, number of floors etc. 

INDICATE - Instructional Video 01 - Basic navigation, track rotate, zoom, object section, and working with layers in the scene


Recent Documents

Conference Paper: A. Staino, B.Basu Comparison of Conventional and Economic MPC in Smart Grid Applications, 50th International Universities Power Engineering Conference , Universities Power Engineering Conference, 2-5 Sept 2015, Staffordshire, UK, Paper no. 262. 

Conference Paper: A. Staino, B. Basu, M. Basu, Suppression of Grid Fault-induced Vibration in Wind Turbines using UPQC. The 5th International Symposium On Power Electronics For Distributed Generation Systems, IEEE PEDG 2014, 24th-27th June, Galway, Ireland, 10.1109/PEDG.2014.6878663 

Conference Paper:  A.Staino, G.Aird, R.Kerrigan, B.Basu, An MPC based control strategy for the Findhorn Ecovillage, 50th International Universities Power Engineering Conference , Universities Power Engineering Conference, 2-5 Sept 2015, Straffordshire, UK, Paper no. 360.

Journal article - Journal of Clean Energy Technologies - Development of a Procedure to Analyze Customers’ Choice of Renewable Energy Heating Technologies: Application in Ireland

Journal article - Energy and Buildings -  Cooperative optimization of building energy systems in an economic model predictive control framework (Authors: Andrea Staino, Himanshu Nagpal, Biswajit Basu)

Article: BIM for Italian Public Employers – Galliera Genoa Hospital example 

Article: Indicator-based Interactive Decision Support and Information Exchange Platform for Smart Cities

Towards the Development of a Virtual City Model, Using a 3D Model of Dundalk City


Advanced Procedural Modelling of Architecture 

INDICATE Newsletter - No. 4 - July 2015

INDICATE Newsletter - No. 3 - March 2015 (English); (Italian)

Demand-side characterization of the Smart City for energy modelling (Authors:  William J. N. Turner, Oliver Kinnane, Biswajit Basu)

INDICATE Newsletter - No. 2 - November 2014 (English); (Italian)

INDICATE Newsletter - No. 1 - July 2014 (English); (Italian)


Report 8.4: Standardisation Strategy 

Report 7.10: Third Journal/Conference Paper 

Report 7.9: Report on Project Dissemination 

Report 7.8:  Third Dissemination Workshop

Report 7.7: Second Journal/Conference Paper

Report 7.6:  Second Dissemination Workshop

Report 7.5: First Journal/Conference Paper

Report 7.4:  First Dissemination Workshop

Report 7.3: Format for Quarterly Newsletter 

Report 6.1:  INDICATE Evaluation Methodology and Benchmarking Framework 

Report 3.4: Sustainable Urban Indicators Operational Framework 

Report 3.1:  Current Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Quantification Methodologies

Report 2.1:  City Characterisation

Report 1.4:  Report on the Data Analysis of Inputs from Stakeholders

Report 1.2:  Stakeholder Interviews and Engagement of Stakeholder Community

Report 1.1: Identification of Key Stakeholders


Background Documentation

Type Description
INDICATE - Brief project description (download)
European Energy 2020 strategy document (download)



This project is supported by  the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme
Grant Agreement no. 608775